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Himalayan Salt

The Unique and Pure Crystal of Life

Salt has already been an essential part of our life here on earth. However, with the rapid global industrial development, our regular table salt has become poison dwelling on our kitchens. And why is that?

The natural salt was being cleaned chemically reducing all the important minerals and leaving only sodium and chloride to this natural salt. This remaining salt is considered as poison to the body. To neutralize the sodium and chloride content in the salt, the body needs to sacrifice and take water from the cells. In doing this process, the cells being dehydrated may die. Also considering salts come from the ocean, and our oceans are polluted with mercury, lead, arsenic and more, then we are taking these poisons on our body.

But the good news is, we still have pure crystal salt of life. From 250 million years ago, while the beautiful Himalayan Mountains are being formed, came along the existence of Himalayan salts. Since the Himalayas are considered the most tranquil and peaceful region in the world, you can be sure that crystal salts mined from the foothills of the mountains are unpolluted, pure and natural.

Himalayan salt is called white gold because it contains ions of stored sunlight. Since it came from the undeveloped regions of the Himalayas, you can be sure that it contains the natural elements that can be found in the original, primal ocean. It has the essential minerals that are found in the body. Together with water, the stored primal energy in the salt can bring pure crystal of energy to the body.

This pure crystal has been exposed to earth pressure for millions and millions of years ago. And this pressure has perfected the geometric crystalline structure of Himalayan salt. The more perfect the geometric shape of the crystal, the more its energy content. And with this shape, the body can easily absorb this salt.

And since it is hundred percent pure, it contains the 84 natural elements needed by the body. These salts do not have any impurities since they are mined with the bare hands, stone ground and explosives are prohibited in mining to preserve the magnificence of the Himalayas.

Being the cleanest salt, free from harsh chemicals, Himalayan salt has been proven to bring remarkable benefits to restore the natural balance in the body of human beings. It can be used by dissolving it in water as a hot bath for a relaxing and healthy soak, be used as flavoring to the food, taken as sole (brine water) or mixed with essential oils for a therapeutic body scrub.

Being a unique crystal, how does it differ with the common table salt and sea salt?

Compared with common salt, the crystals of common table salts are unnatural. They are totally isolated and dead. To be able to be consumed by the body, the cells need to exert a big amount of energy. This result into great damage to the body but with zero gain.

And comparing it with sea salt, the sea salt has irregular crystalline structure. The minerals are way isolated with the other natural elements of the salt. It is for this reason that the body needs a lot of energy to metabolize but with lesser gain in absorbing the minerals.

While the Himalayan salt has balanced crystalline. The crystals are not isolated from the 84 natural minerals. They are connected in such a very harmonious condition. This structure makes the energy balance; thus, absorption by the body is quite easy. The crystals provide primal energy to the body. The result is purely gain for the body with no energy loss.

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